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The Halloween Of The Wheel

Halloween might be a harvesting season but it sure is fun to dress up and create eerie settings for the festival. When considering a creepy look think about the theme itself: sharp, dark colours and bold.

Lenso Samurai Wheels

The Samurai range of Lenso has a sword like effect that gives any passer-by the creeps. The spokes on some of the wheels also seem spider-like because of the way they reach out to the lip of the wheel.

Lenso Black Angel Wheels

The name of this says it all. The wheels also have interesting effects that could go with the whole Halloween theme. Certain models have a warped design that looks like a “gaze into the future”.

Storm Corse Wheels Continue reading 

Uniforms And Costume Tax Policy

If your company has a uniform policy that addresses the daily wear of costumes or uniforms by the employees the company can pay the costs and claim the deduction. Or you can put the costs on the employees and deduct the fees from their wages. The tax strategy would be best if the company claimed all expenses of the costumes or uniforms which would allow the company to be more systemized.

For instance if you have a restaurant that has a theme of fairy princesses and your uniform policy states your employees need to be in full costume or uniform, you as a business owner have a right as stated earlier to claim those deductions or deduct costume or uniform fees from your employees’ wages.

As an employee if costumes or uniform fees are deducted from your wages you have a right to claim that on your income tax on schedule a under unreimbursed employee expenses. According to IRS publication 529 you can deduct the cost and upkeep of work clothes if the following two requirements are met. 1. You must wear them as a condition of your employment. 2. The clothes are not suitable for everyday wear. Did you hear what the 2nd condition was if the clothes are not suitable for everyday wear if you are wearing a fairy princess costume that is definitely not suitable for everyday wear outside of your job. Continue reading 

Cheap Halloween Costumes And Fancy Dresses

Are you crazy about Halloween outfits but are looking for cheap Halloween costumes that fit your budget? This article will help you in your search.


The market of Halloween market has always been on a rise from centuries. This shows how crazy people are for Halloween costumes. The popularity of these costumes can be traced back to the year 1900 in U.S.A. Be it kids, teens, or adults; everybody likes to wear Halloween costumes, especially around 31st October. Halloween dress code can add fun to any casual occasion you want to celebrate. Halloween costumes give you a chance to wear all those costumes that do not go well with formal occasions. It’s better to buy these costumes online, as there are more chances of getting a quality dress at a cheap price.

Discounts and offers

Are you crazy about Halloween outfits? Here is an idea for all those who are looking for cheap Halloween costumes for any coming party or occasion. There are many online stores that give heavy discounts on Halloween designer wears. You can search the internet and find the online stores who have surplus stock that they are offering at discounted prices. Many online stores also provide attractive offers such as ‘buy one and get one free’ or ‘get one kids Halloween wear free at the purchase of two adult garments’, and so on. A little research from your end can help you buy economical Halloween fancy dresses. Continue reading 

Halloween Cosplay Costume Buyers’ Guide

Halloween is one of our most treasured national celebrations, probably largely down to the fact that it’s fun to dress up. It’s an excuse for parties nationwide, and most of us will at some point have to think about what to wear to a Halloween function. From there we are faced with two options: to either buy a costume, or hire a costume from a local fancy dress shop. As far as value for money is concerned, buying a Halloween costume is a great way to get the most out of your money. In this article, we will look at why you should consider buying, rather than hiring a Halloween costume, and what to look out for when you’re making that purchase.

Buying a Halloween costume is a great way to save money on what is otherwise a yearly expense. By splashing out on a costume that you can wear time and time again, you can avoid having to pay for hire every year as Halloween approaches. However, there are a number of important considerations to take into account when buying your costume to make sure that it does indeed provide the value you are looking for over a rented costume every year. Continue reading 

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