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April 2017

TOP 10 Anime Like Fairy Tail

1. One Piece

One Piece is one of the most successful anime series of all time. It started on October 1999 and is still going strong after 500+ episodes. Many consider it to be the greatest shounen anime ever made.

Plot Outline

The story follows a group of pirates, led by Monkey D. Luffy, on their quest to find One Piece, the greatest treasure in the world. Luffy isn’t a typical pirate. He cares about more than just finding One Piece and is also thrilled to meet new people and go on amazing adventures with his friends.

Somehow, their crew gets into a lot of trouble, and they experience many crazy mishaps and unforgettable experiences. The series is filled with a lot of action, and you are going to find yourself laughing at many comical scenes.

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Looking for the right Chinese anime cartoon series

Explore the best Confucius cartoon series and read the most popular Chinese cartoon book online to enjoy learning the language and read about the great philosopher.

An increasing number of students aiming to learn Chinese are looking for simple and fun ways to learn the language. This is the reason Confucius cartoon stories are already getting very popular. One is not only able to know more about the great Chinese philosopher but finds it easy to learn the languages. This is because the complex characters of the languages are simplified, and their strikes are easy to follow in the Confucius cartoon books. Confucius’s thoughts are well known not only in China but also over the world. His philosophies apply even today in the modern life. He stressed the importance ofrelationships and equal social justice for all. Continue reading 

How to make your own Halloween costume

Handcrafting your own personalized costume for Halloween sometimes initially might sound to become rather simple and also the least expensive selection. Some very easy models in fact may be made while in twelve minutes without any chaos and also inconvenience perhaps even without the need needle. Yet, generating an original costume outfit might develop into rather high-priced and additionally time consuming horror. It all depends upon just how brilliant as well as faddy you are in reality. In the following paragraphs you can get a number of hints combined with pieces of advice regarding how to design an exquisite fancy dress costume suitable for kids, attaching a bit of unique style to your particular masterwork.

The first aspect we will take a look at is seen as an important part of a witch’s costume, a little crown princess or simply that of a Tinkle bell tutu. The Tutu is a particular really short skirt dressed by ballerinas. To generate it it is necessary to have just one elastic headband and some fine net fabric of silk or rayon which will be cut directly into several identical tapes. So, first you tie the stripes round the stretchy band for head. You have to go on with hanging and hanging them all around in anticipation of having an engaging tutu accomplish. You will need in the region of 45 straps of only one color selection tulle or more. It’s under your control to determine Continue reading