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February 2017

Matters Needing Attention for Cosplay Show

Cosplay has become one fashion trend and more and more people young people have attended into its ranks, but as for a new Cosplayer, sometimes you would not know which things should be done while which things should not be done.

Firstly, the day before the Cosplay day, both Cosplayers and props team have to check their costumes, props, and other accessories, meanwhile, please ensure that the sound device, microphone, compact disk and other item are all ready. By the way, as for the Cosplayer Make-up artists, they have to check all the cosmetics and tools.

Secondly, on the Cosplay show day, all the Cosplayers and staffs should arrive in time and please not to be late. What’s more, it is better to arrive a few hours before the Cosplay show. For example, if the show is in the morning, they should arrive about 5 AM in the morning. Only with enough time, Cosplayers and staff can do some preparatory work. Continue reading 

Where to Find Good Cosplay Costume Fabrics

Here are a few tips that any cosplay enthusiast can easily take advantage of.

It is always a good idea to create one’s costume in the event that one is very interested in coming up with something that is very detailed. This is also good for someone who is experienced with costume fabrics and creating clothes. The best thing to do is to consider consulting a local fabric store for these materials. Most fabric stores will feature a variety of different cosplay materials that are commonly used in costumes.

Many stores even have remnant bins that can offer slivers of different fabrics in a variety of colors at bargain prices. This can make it easier for a person to get a costume made at a low cost to the user. Continue reading